Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Student simulates flight

Brad Amstutz, senior flight instructor for K-State at Salina, is
mirroring Fossett's three day, three night flight as the simulation
pilot at K-State at Salina. He also was the simulation pilot last year
and is looking forward to this year's simulation and the study.

This year, additional information will be obtained from the flight as
Kimberly Raddatz, a K-State graduate student in psychology, performs a series of tests on the GlobalFlyer simulation pilot. The tests are
designed to study the effects of sleep deprivation with regards to

Raddatz will periodically test Amstutz's cognitive and perceptual
functioning with a variety of tests. He will be asked to perform
certain tasks and will be scored on how well he performs, she said.
Other tests will include word and creativity problems and
questionnaires. A risk assessment test also will be evaluated through
various scenarios, such as, weather and rough terrain risks.