Thursday, March 16, 2006

Meet the web update team.

The web update team (or bloggers)from left to right Jeff Easter, Lindsey Boeckman, Brian Weber, Robin Mikols, Justin Stuhltatz, Yuki Narita, Cristina Thurlow, Janet Thurlow, not in the picture Micah Westblade, Floyd Abang and Tricia Erker.

For the first time, K-State at Salina students will be responsible for all of the Web site tracking of Steve’s record attempt. This will include an around-the-clock continuous blog, updated several times each hour, as well as position and weather updates as Steve progresses around the world. This project will require excellent communication skills, as well as a technical understanding of aviation, engineering and technology. The Web sites that followed Steve’s previous GlobalFlyer record attempts attracted millions of hits from around the world, so posting the updates and information will be a critical role to play in a successful mission.