Tuesday, March 14, 2006

K-State's Victory Songs

Alma mater
The alma mater, selected in a campus contest in 1903, was written by Humphrey W. Jones, class of 1888. His original song was later altered by changing “KSAC” (for Kansas State Agricultural College) to “KSU.” Here are the lyrics:

I know a spot that I love full well,
'Tis not in forest nor yet in dell;
Ever it holds me with magic spell,
I think of thee, Alma Mater.

KSU, we'll carry thy banner high.
KSU, long, long may thy colors fly.
Loyal to thee, thy children will swell the cry.
Hail, hail, hail, Alma Mater.

Fight song
"Wildcat Victory" was written in 1927 by Harry E. Erickson '27. Here are the lyrics:

Fight, you K-State Wildcats
For Alma Mater fight-fight-fight!
Glory in the combat
For the purple and the white.

Faithful to our colors
We will ever be,
Fighting ever fighting for a
Wildcat victory!

Go State!