Thursday, March 16, 2006

Answer: Engine information

Question: "I would like information on the jet engine used to power the aircraft. How long between servicing? Between overhaul? How much fuel does it burn an hour? What other aircraft does it power? How long has it been in service?"

Answer: "Here is a response from Williams International, the engine's manufacturer: The first of the FJ44 series of engines was put into service in 1992 and the most recent just last fall. The Model on GlobalFlyer requires minor on-wing service at 250 flight hour intervals, an on-wing turbine inspection every 2000 flight hours, and an overhaul at 4000 flight hours. Fuel burn rates vary considerably depending on flight condition, but typical cruise fuel consumption is 0.67 pounds per hour of fuel flow per pound of thrust. The FJ44 engine powers many aircraft including all three Citation Jets manufactured by Cessna, the Premier aircraft built by Raytheon Aircraft, the SJ30-2 aircraft made by Sino Swearingen, and many others. One thing is sure, while Steve is aloft our favorite application is the Scaled Composites GlobalFlyer."